You have a message

that will inspire + ignite people.

I can help you magnify that message 

by putting a marketing strategy behind it.


I'm convinced YOU have a powerful MESSAGE! 

I believe your voice and message have the potential to change lives and I know you believe this too.

My greatest passion is to help women like you develop the mindset, communication and marketing skills in order to magnify their message.


How Do I Know This? ... Because I Was Just Like You.

For over 3 years I struggled to FIND my spot, use my UNIQUE voice confidently and begin to STAND OUT to the right people.
  • I constantly DOUBTED myself and UNDERVALUED my contribution.
  • I struggled with finding the clarity and FOCUS I needed to really make improvements in the right direction.
  • I didn't think my message MATTERED.
  • I was trying to talk to everyone but reached almost NO-ONE.
  • I didn't know how to COMMUNICATE in a way that people listened.
  • As a woman of faith I thought it was WRONG to "promote" myself and charge people for using my talents.
  • Stepping into the spotlight to share the message that's so close to my heart felt FORCED and awkward.
  • I was CONSTANTLY overstretched and underpaid.

You & me? Strategizing the promotion of your message or creating your first or next launch over coffee?


Strategically Share Your Message & Grow Your ImpactΒ and Income Doing What You Love.

Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ½ I’m Csilla (Cheela), and I help faith-driven female entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches put strategy behind their message and offering so they can: 
βœ… Find The Best Ways Monetize & Optimize Their Impact
βœ… Launch their digital products, services, book and podcast
βœ… Get on stage as a confident communicator
βœ… Grow Their Community & Scale their Business
I'm a nerd when it comes to strategizing the best ways to grow your impact and income using your passions. Over the last 4 years I've been able to:
βž• share my message and voice on over 900 stages around the world.
βž• start my online mentoring business
βž• write 2 books in less then 3 years.
βž• build a thriving online community 
And doing all of this while enjoying a thriving marriage of 20+ years and being present with my kiddos.

Put Your Fabulous & Fancy Shoes On

... We're about to use the content you already create, build a beautiful community around your passion, and transform the ideas in your head into strategic offerings & sustainable income. If you're ready to ... Develop a community-based, scalable business plan for your brand Put together a strategic launch plan to deploy each key piece of that plan Stand out in an over-saturated space ... let's meet for a virtual coffee date. ;)


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