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The Biggest Mistakes That Are Costing You High-Quality Clients On Instagram

It is so easy to believe the lies. To take everything we see on Instagram as a reality.

We might look at an influencer’s account and see hundreds of thousands of followers if not millions and think to ourselves, “the only way I can build a successful business using social media is if I build a massive following like that.”

Here’s the harsh reality though, followers can be bought.

It’s so easy to fake a big following.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing but vanity metrics.

I see so many accounts on Instagram that have thousands of followers yet when they post a photo on their feed, CRICKETS. No one is engaging.

Not long ago another influencer with millions of followers was “outed” where people found out they couldn’t even sell 36 T-shirts.

We view Instagram as a big number generating machine instead of for what it is. 

An amazing tool to build real relationships with real people.

But when you put it this way it’s no longer that...

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The secret to being a CAPTIVATING presenter on Instagram

I see so many people make this mistake on social media. We draw the wrong conclusion as to why we are not more successful in maximizing our social media presence, more specifically Instagram.

We think it's because we do not have the right strategies.

We don't know the "SECRET".

And that might be partly true. The strategies part, not the secret part.

There is no secret, really!

But more often than not, what really holds us back from being successful at leveraging Instagram is CONFIDENCE.

Yes. It has to do a lot with confidence.

Today I’m sharing with you 3 simple steps on how to bring more energy and confidence to when you show up on Instagram. Whether that's a live video, IG stories, or IG TV.

First, why confidence? Why is it important especially for someone who has a message to share and wants to boldly talk about their products and services?

Well, let me ask you a question. Have you ever sat through a presentation or watched a video where it was obvious that the speaker...

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How To Crush Your Live Videos


If you're going to do live videos, you want to catch people’s attention and have them coming back to learn from you. Am I right?

So here are my 6 must-have steps (+1 bonus) you need to implement in your live videos.

Listen to the audio version here:

Don't forget to download the step-by-step live video framework HERE.

Have a clear goal for your live video.

Ask yourself: “What is my goal for this video?” Is it to gain new followers (get new leads), promote a new book, a new program or service you offer, or to increase engagement? You’ve got to have a clear goal in mind. Why is this important? Because whatever your answer is will be the guiding force behind how you set up the rest of your presentation. 

For example: If the goal of your video is to get new leads, then you want to make sure that your CTA (we’ll talk about this more in-depth in just a few minutes) involves you...

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How To Grow Your Impact & Income On Instagram

Unless you’ve been living on a different planet you know that these days most of our interactions happen online.

We chat, we comment, we interact and we build relationships.

While I don’t think that social media interaction should replace face to face connection, I do know that online conversations and communication can be very effective and can produce positive results … 

… if it’s done the right way.

Yes, you can use social media for posting pretty pictures and some super cool hashtags, BUT I’m here to tell you that if you want to, you can use social media for so much more.

Now, I know! Believe me.

Social media can be very intimidating. It can feel confusing. And on top of that, it is ever-changing.

Boy, do I know.

While the logistics of social media may be ever-changing the foundations for building trustworthy relationships and making meaningful connections remain the same.

So, in this post, I don’t want to yet give you...

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