How To Communicate To Connect!


Did you know that throughout the span of one day we are bombarded with 35,000 messages? Everywhere we go, anywhere we look, someone is trying to get our attention. At the same time, we also have messages we want to get across to others. I’ve read in an article that on average, an individual speaks anywhere from 13,000 to 16,000 words a day. Our world is cluttered with words.

The question is how many of our words really matter? And more importantly, do those words help us connect with our listeners or do those words impede us from really connecting?



Watch to find out how we can make sure our words really connect with others plus three ways you can connect with people in three different settings.

Watch Video Here:

Here's a short highlight of the 3 helpful tips I shared in the video above:

  1. Connecting One on One
  2. Connecting in a Group
  3. Connecting with an Audience

HERE'S YOUR DREAM TO DONE ACTION STEP: Pick from one of the categories I just talked about and decide to start connecting either one on one, with a group, or audience. Start TODAY.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN: I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below tell me, which setting is the one you feel most comfortable connecting in? Is it one on one? Is it in a small group setting? Or is it with a larger audience? Leave your comment below this post.

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