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Women Leading Well

I believe in the power of women cheering for women. As a speaker, singer, and mentor I LOVE to celebrate fellow female entrepreneurs and leaders.

I'm so excited to announce that starting this month every month I'll be featuring 5 women who are worth following. Women who are shining bright, using their voices and adding value through their message to this world.

I encourage you to go check out their websites and connect with them on social media. 

April's #HerVoiceShines Women


Janine Mix - Retail Consultant & Strategist


 Janine Mix is a retail consultant and strategist with over 20 years of hands-on experience in virtually every role in the retail space, from cashier to nationwide corporate trainer.  She has helped to open premier location stores in Beverly Hills and SOHO, and has worked with celebrity clients, government organizations, and industry leaders across the globe.

Now, as the founder and CEO of The Complete Boutique, Janine is fulfilling her dream of helping local retailers from around the world increase their business profits, personal freedom, and community impact.
Courtney Elmer - Wellness Entrepreneur + Stress Expert
After overcoming cancer at the age of 25, Courtney realized that life’s too short to waste any time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked. Now as a Wellness Entrepreneur, Stress Expert, and Creator of the revolutionary new EffortLESS Life™ Method, Courtney shows high-achievers like you how to maximize your influence, income, and impact, without maxing out your time, energy, or effort.
Through her signature digital programs, in-demand Mastermind Retreats, and her top-ranked podcast, Courtney teaches you how to create the success you crave without spending late nights at your desk, missing out on time with your family, or sacrificing the things you love along the way — including yourself. She’s known for sharing simple, actionable tools and strategies that help you create order out of life’s chaos, find your inner peace, and transform your life from the inside out. 
Courtney lives in New Orleans with her husband Alan and their son AJ, a surprise miracle baby following her cancer treatments. She enjoys traveling and giving back, especially with The Blooming Lily Foundation and its mission to empower young girls in underprivileged countries to reach their dreams. And last but not least, she can’t pass up dark chocolate and good cappuccino.
EffortLess Life Podcast:
EffortLess Life Community:
Sam Konda - Speaker and Coach
Sam Konda is a John Maxwell certified Speaker and Coach. She helps women overcome fear and anxiety through intentionally living a life of faith.
Sam is also the host of "Unafraid and Undefeated" YouTube channel where she shares 'insights into intentionality' every single week.
She and her husband live in beautiful California and have two boys.
YouTube Channel:
Ashley Chymiy - Business Coach and Mentor
Ashley Chymiy is a business coach and mentor for mission-driven entrepreneurs who want to build businesses that profit and make a positive impact. She believes the world needs more leaders and influencers with compassion and a heart for others -- and that everyone has a story to tell, wisdom to share, and a message to stand for that can inspire others and change lives.
She's also the host of The Brand Cure podcast and creator of her signature course, Brand with a Plan.
When she's not coaching her clients, or connecting with other heart-centered entrepreneurs on Instagram, she's painting or hanging out with her husband Chris and their two fur babies, Penny and Lilah.
Amber Gill - Author, Coach, and the founder of Biohacker Babe Academy
Amber Langley-Gill is an author, coach, and the founder of Biohacker Babe Academy. Formerly an emergency/critical care veterinarian, she quickly shifted her focus from veterinary medicine to brain + gut health when her twins were born prematurely. As she embarked on a personal mission to heal her own health and the health of her family, she wrote a book about her simple hacks for optimal brain + gut health called, NO BRAINER.
Following her passion for helping people to improve their quality of life from the inside out, Amber now coaches high-level women entrepreneurs to master their time and energy through biohacking so they can unplug at the end of the day without guilt + be fully present in their lives. 
In addition to coaching biohacking babes, Amber is a proud member of Team Wedmore and also spends her days homeschooling her twins “The Gillies”. Her big dream is to one day own and run a therapeutic Equestrian ranch with her family.
'No Brainer" Book:

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