Three Questions The World-Class Entrepreneur Asks Herself

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Ask any extremely successful person or leader what has been the #1 KEY to their success, and she’ll almost definitely tell you the same thing: Having the right mindset.

And that mostly comes down to asking herself the right QUESTIONS throughout the day, and at each key moment in her life and business!

Like the famous quote says, "The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself". 

I agree! 

Many times we are held back in life or feel stuck because we are asking low-quality questions. Questions, that are not helping us see things from a different perspective or point of you.

So how can you adopt the right MINDSET for success starting today? Start by asking the same 3 questions every highly impactful leader or coach would ask of themselves or the people they mentor.

1. HOW IS MY THINKING IMPACTING MY RESULTS? The successful female entrepreneur or coach pays close attention to her mindset because she knows that negative or toxic thinking can creep in and sabotage and stunt her growth and outcomes! 

Try this instead: When something isn’t working in your life or business, ask yourself:

  • Is my attitude contributing to this situation?
  • How might a different attitude make things better?
  • What attitude would be more effective here?

2. WHAT IS THE BEST USE OF MY STRENGTHS IN THIS SITUATION? The successful female entrepreneur or coach knows that it’s smarter to lean into and leverage her own strengths than to waste time trying to compensate for her weaknesses. She doesn’t try to be “all things to all people” - instead, she knows it’s better if each person operates in their own zone of genius.

Try this instead: Look at a situation where you feel pressure to perform. Ask yourself:

  • What weaknesses am I trying to hide?
  • What gifts + strengths would benefit this situation?
  • What could happen if I fully leverage my gifts in this situation?

3. WHAT SINGLE ACTION WILL MAKE THE BIGGEST IMPACT? The successful female entrepreneur and coach is always looking for the shortest possible path to success, and the strongest leverage points that create the biggest results. It’s tempting to throw extra steps into the path, in an attempt to increase the distance between you and potential failure. But the successful leader would rather fail sooner and learn from it.

Try this instead: If you’re not sure where to focus to reach your goal, ask yourself:

  • What is the shortest path to reaching my goal?
  • What steps are not actually necessary?
  • Am I doing something that has a big ROI or am I doing busy work in order to avoid the important (uncomfortable) step?

Many times we tend to use busy work to avoid doing something that is uncomfortable but we know will be the difference-maker. Taking time to identify what activities are the result drivers both in your lives and business will make a huge difference in the results you will see and experience.


I want to encourage you to start asking better questions in your life and business in order to get to the better results you are after. If you want a good resource that will help you with this, I highly encourage you to check out "Good Leaders Ask Great Questions" by Dr. John Maxwell.

Keep showing up for yourself this week. This allows you to show up well for others. Keep sharing your voice and message. Keep shining bright. The world needs you!

Cheering you on,


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