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How To Choose What You Stink At

"Oh, I see you are keeping things simple this year. Good for you!" It was my sweet neighbor saying in the most gentle way possible, "your house looks nothing like Christmas."

There was no judgment in her voice but more of a surprise.

And she was right.

There were no decorations, no twinkling lights, or even a tree. And yes, it was December 23rd already.

My house looked dull, minimalistic, and boring, for sure. At the same time, I didn't care.

Because, at the time, I had two toddlers while I was also traveling to speak and sing at Christmas banquets and events on weekends.

My energy tank was running on low, and I had to decide what to bomb.

I couldn't do it all and do it well. That year I decided to stink at Christmas decorations.

That year, twinkling lights didn't matter.

Through some tough lessons, I've learned that I could pretty much do anything, but I can't do everything, at least not at the same time — timing matters.

So does knowing what your top priorities...

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The Biggest Mistakes That Are Costing You High-Quality Clients On Instagram

It is so easy to believe the lies. To take everything we see on Instagram as a reality.

We might look at an influencer’s account and see hundreds of thousands of followers if not millions and think to ourselves, “the only way I can build a successful business using social media is if I build a massive following like that.”

Here’s the harsh reality though, followers can be bought.

It’s so easy to fake a big following.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing but vanity metrics.

I see so many accounts on Instagram that have thousands of followers yet when they post a photo on their feed, CRICKETS. No one is engaging.

Not long ago another influencer with millions of followers was “outed” where people found out they couldn’t even sell 36 T-shirts.

We view Instagram as a big number generating machine instead of for what it is. 

An amazing tool to build real relationships with real people.

But when you put it this way it’s no longer that...

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The secret to being a CAPTIVATING presenter on Instagram

I see so many people make this mistake on social media. We draw the wrong conclusion as to why we are not more successful in maximizing our social media presence, more specifically Instagram.

We think it's because we do not have the right strategies.

We don't know the "SECRET".

And that might be partly true. The strategies part, not the secret part.

There is no secret, really!

But more often than not, what really holds us back from being successful at leveraging Instagram is CONFIDENCE.

Yes. It has to do a lot with confidence.

Today I’m sharing with you 3 simple steps on how to bring more energy and confidence to when you show up on Instagram. Whether that's a live video, IG stories, or IG TV.

First, why confidence? Why is it important especially for someone who has a message to share and wants to boldly talk about their products and services?

Well, let me ask you a question. Have you ever sat through a presentation or watched a video where it was obvious that the speaker...

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Three Questions The World-Class Entrepreneur Asks Herself

Ask any extremely successful person or leader what has been the #1 KEY to their success, and she’ll almost definitely tell you the same thing: Having the right mindset.

And that mostly comes down to asking herself the right QUESTIONS throughout the day, and at each key moment in her life and business!

Like the famous quote says, "The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself". 

I agree! 

Many times we are held back in life or feel stuck because we are asking low-quality questions. Questions, that are not helping us see things from a different perspective or point of you.

So how can you adopt the right MINDSET for success starting today? Start by asking the same 3 questions every highly impactful leader or coach would ask of themselves or the people they mentor.

1. HOW IS MY THINKING IMPACTING MY RESULTS? The successful female entrepreneur or coach pays close attention to her...

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Her Voice Shines - June 2020 Edition


Women Leading Well

I believe in the power of women cheering for women. As a speaker, leader, and mentor I LOVE to celebrate fellow female speakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

This is why I'm so excited to be featuring every month women who are worth following. Women who are shining bright, using their voices, leading well, and adding value through their message to this world.

I encourage you to go check out their websites and connect with them on social media. 

June's #HerVoiceShines Women


Angie McPherson - Branding Photographer

Angie McPherson is a hustler- a branding photographer, marketing strategist, wife, mother of two, and hype-woman helping entrepreneurs to elevate their personal brand and grow their business. Before she pursued photography and catapulted into entrepreneurship full-time, Angie was the head of marketing for a major concert venue that hosted 25+ events per year with upwards of 10,000 attendees per event....

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How To Crush Your Live Videos


If you're going to do live videos, you want to catch people’s attention and have them coming back to learn from you. Am I right?

So here are my 6 must-have steps (+1 bonus) you need to implement in your live videos.

Listen to the audio version here:

Don't forget to download the step-by-step live video framework HERE.

Have a clear goal for your live video.

Ask yourself: “What is my goal for this video?” Is it to gain new followers (get new leads), promote a new book, a new program or service you offer, or to increase engagement? You’ve got to have a clear goal in mind. Why is this important? Because whatever your answer is will be the guiding force behind how you set up the rest of your presentation. 

For example: If the goal of your video is to get new leads, then you want to make sure that your CTA (we’ll talk about this more in-depth in just a few minutes) involves you...

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How To Nail Your Next Presentation


What makes an outstanding speaker so good? Is it their natural gift or is it something else?

I remember sitting in this large auditorium filled with thousands of people and I was hanging on every word of the speaker. It seemed as though the words were just effortlessly dripping out of his mouth. He had a way about him that drew people in.

He looked so comfortable in his skin up on stage. It felt so natural. When he said “Hi, my name John, and I am your friend” I truly believed it. I felt like he was speaking to me, he was really connecting with me. I watched him as he masterfully delivered a 45-minute presentation that made the audience laugh, cry, and provoked deep thoughts. I thought to myself, wow he is in naturally gifted speaker.

And almost immediately the thought that followed was, “I could never do what he does. I could never be that good because I am not that talented of a speaker.”

That event that I experienced happened about six years ago. It was...

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Her Voice Shines - May 2020 Edition


Women Leading Well

I believe in the power of women cheering for women. As a speaker, leader, and mentor I LOVE to celebrate fellow female speakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

This is why I'm so excited to be featuring every month 5 women who are worth following. Women who are shining bright, using their voices, leading well, and adding value through their message to this world.

I encourage you to go check out their websites and connect with them on social media. 

May's #HerVoiceShines Women


Corie Clark - Personal Brand Expert

Corie Clark is a personal brand expert, the author of the Simplicity Project, creator of The Purposeful Planner, and host of “The Purpose Babe Show.”

Corie is passionate about helping women discover their purpose and turn it into a life and business they love. She helps purpose-driven women uplevel their personal brand to a six and seven-figure business through her Purpose Babe Society and...

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The 3 Biggest Communication Mistakes That Are Keeping Your Message From Being Heard By The Right People


Many times when we have a hard time making people pay attention to what we are saying, it’s because we confuse them or overwhelm them with too much information.

Confusion is the #1 communication mistake that is keeping your message from being heard by the right people.

You need clarity, your audience needs clarity.

Why is clarity so important?

Because our brain needs it! Two things about our brain and how it functions.

  1. Its job is to help you survive and thrive. To keep you alive and happy as much as possible. If your message is not directly related to helping your audience either survive or thrive, you will have a hard time getting them to listen.
  2. Conserve calories. Have you ever been in a meeting all day long only to feel exhausted at the end of the day? You haven’t done any physical activity yet you are exhausted? Why? Because your brain consumes a lot of energy when a bunch of new information is thrown at it. Our brain is constantly looking for the path of least...
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4 Ways To Turn Bad Experiences Into Personal Growth

There's no doubt about it - what's happening in our world today is not a good experience. I don't think anyone would look at our current situation or look back a few months from today only to say, "oh yeah, that was fun."

We're collectively facing a hard and stressful time. A time of fear, uncertainty, loneliness, and grief.

So, let me ask you this. How do you usually respond to bad experiences? Do you explode in anger? Do you shink into yourself emotionally? Do you hide your head in the said and try to ignore reality? Do you try to detach yourself as much as possible?

I love the quote by John McDonnell,

"Every problem introduces a person to himself." What a powerful observation.

Any time we face hard situations, we get to know ourselves a little bit better. 

Pain can stop us in our tracks, which is something it would've done to me if this happened to me even 7 years ago. Pain froze me in fear. For some though pain can cause them to react in ways that they might regret...

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