Hiya, fabulous! My name is Csilla. A professional speaker who loves helping ambitious women take their message to the stage.

It's your time to Speak On Stage With Confidence. Establish Your Credibility. Grow Your Impact. Let Your Voice Shine.

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Hiya, fabulous!

My name is Csilla and I like helping ambitious women take their powerful message to the stage. 

Speak On Stage. Establish Credibility. Grow Your Impact.


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I'm Csilla Muscan, an introvert living in Nashville, TN. I've spent the last 20 years learning the art of dynamic communication and powerful presentation.

Since 1999 I've performed and spoken on 1,000+ stages. Now I'm passionate about teaching other women how to take their powerful message to the stage with confidence. 

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"I needed someone to hold my hand and guide me step by step." 

Csilla has not only shown me all the tools I needed to build a successful course but on the day I almost quit she cheered me on and encouraged me to stay the course. I cannot recommend her enough.

Sam Kondra - Speaker and Coach

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